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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  February 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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provided by u.s. captioning company.] >> breaking now at 5:00, tragic new developments in the shooting of a 13-year-old. we've learned the boy has died, the latest in moments. >> first, though, a cold night freeze warnings for some counties in our area. right now, news 6 is pinpointing
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6 at 5:00, getting results. i'm lisa bell. >> i'm matt austin. let's get right over to chief meteorologist tom sorrells. how cold is it getting out there? >> we're going down to the 30's. most of you won't but you'll think you're there because of the winds. look at this area right here, marion county, all this -- like carolina blue or sky blue from marion county to putnam, around to flagler county, all of that in a freeze warning, from there tolerate south, a light are he paler blue, called a windchill advisory because even though we're not going down to the freezing mark, we'll fall into the 40's. some of us into the 30's. mix in the wind and all of a sudden it really feels like you're freezing. right now, temperatures are doing just okay. 58 degrees in sanford. 57 in ocala, 54 in gainesville and 59 in the large part of the area. look how bad the wind is, coming from the west at 16 in leesburg. 31-mile-an-hour wind right now in new smyrna beach. what does that mean? it means the on-the-town
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down to 48 degrees by 10:00. dropping. i'll be back in a few minutes to talk about and pinpoint your overnight lows and talk about how chilly we're going to be tomorrow for our daytime highs. >> allight, tom. thank you. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6 pinpoint weather app. just search wkmg in your app store. >> we're following some breaking news in orange county right now. deputies tell us they have arrested a teen after he brought a gun to school. twitter. it comes from a classroom inside wekiva high school. you can see deputies escort a 17-year-old student out of the room. the school was on lockdown for a while after reports of a gun off campus. the lockdown has been lifted. we're working to learn more details and we'll bring you any updates as they come in. >> we continue to follow more breaking news in orange county. we're told a 13-year-old boy shot over the weekend has died. >> yeah, we've also learned more
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it happened on sunday, just off spotswood drive near cimarron boulevard. news 6 reporter troy campbell has been getting answers about this all day and joins us now. football coach. what did he tell you? tragic. friends say the boy passed away late last night after he was pulled off of life support. this coming about a day after he was shot in the back of the head while visiting relatives. his football coach is speaking sudden death. >> the -- >> he says he's coached the 13-year-old for years. a quiet young man who excelled at academics. >> he strived to be the best. they knew when he came around, he always was -- we had a model called four stages, stay --
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shot in the back of the head on sunday after inside his relatives' house on spotwood drive. the person who shot him was playing with a handgun while riding on a hoverboard, losing his balance and accidentally firing. he says he was a team leader. >> you can tell he came out of a great home, great environment, good discipline. most kids nowadays don't have that mother and father figure in the household to give him a great environment. he has that. >> wearing no. 21, his teammates plan to honor his jersey, an 8th grader many of his teammates have known all their lives. >> the smile he brought, the smile is always there. they can move ahead and move forward. >> investigators are now saying that the teens found a handgun underneath a bed while playing video games. initially the people inside the home, they told investigators
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took off running. however, they later changed their story. >> such a sad story. thank you, troy. more breaking news, this time from disney. in the last hour, the company released its quarterly earnings and it's good news for disney. the company made nearly $2.9 billion in profit last quarter. that is up 32% from the year before. and an all-time record. some of the biggest gains came thanks to "star wars", "the force awakens". it drove their profits up 82 percent. the theme parks made nearly a billion dollars in profits, a 22% increase from last year. we'll break down the latest numbers coming up on news 6 at 7:00. >> tonight, still a lot of questions after a mass shooting at an orlando nightclub that killed two people. >> news 6 has been asking those questions ever since 11 people were shot inside glitz ultra
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orlando's tourist district. news 6 erik von ancken has been on top of this since sunday, trying to get results here. what are police saying tonight if anything? since the shooting. we don't know who the suspects are, who the witnesses are and who the victims are, but police tell us they do know. so i asked again today, would they tell us and if not, why not? all they'll say is this is an isolated incident, it is random and the public does not need to be concerned. >> when 11 people were hit by bullets inside this nightclub, police were already here, three of them off duty, armed and in full uniform were stationed inside the club as additional security. and second later, a flood of flashing lights filled the parking lot. the shooters, though, got away. but police still are not saying how many, just that they have identified the suspects and cannot release that information until detectives finish investigating everything to this
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told me today. >> police also won't say who the victims or even witnesses are because detectives are still interviewing them and as a spokesperson put it, this takes time. attorney matt morgan now says one of those shooting victims came to him, claiming the off-duty police officers and private security guards didn't do enough to protect people inside since the shooters were able to get guns in. morgan is looking into that claim. police, remember, said right after the shooting on sunday that the club did everything it's supposed to do. >> and i also asked police again for that surveillance video from inside the club. all they'll say on that is they continue, matt, to review it. >> hopefully we'll get more information soon here. erik von ancken, i know you'll stay on it. thank you. an update now on the fight against the zika virus. governor rick scott's office said the state received nearly a thousand new anti-body tests for the mosquito-borne illness today, in addition to 475 tests
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bringing the total to almost 1500. they'll allow people, especially pregnant women and new moms to see if they've had the zika virus. right now, there are 16 confirmed cases in seven counties statewide. they're all travel related and do not involve pregnant women. we have everything you need to know about zika on our website. head to, powered by news 6. >> new details tonight on a reported shooting that led to a drug bust at an apartment complex near ucf. two people now face charges. it happened early this morning at the mercury 3100 complex off alafaya trail south of campus. deputies now say a man was shot in the upper leg. that person was gone when they arrived. they also found drugs inside an apartment. we're told two people were arrested and two others got away and no one else was hurt. >> a strange attack outside a brevard county home. cocoa police tell us a woman used a mop to attack an
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we're told 65-year-old mary moore started swinging at the victim as she got out of her car on saturday. the victim was hit once in her shoulder. a witness that broke it up and called police. moore is charged with aggravated battery. >> a gift card's tracking number leads to a bust in seminole county. deputies tell us they used these stolen cards' number to nab two guys involved in several car break-ins. we're told robert conner and tyler johnson broke into at least six cars in the oviedo area. items were taken from each car and deputies say a victim gave them a tracking number for a wawa gift card that was stolen. they used that number to find where the card was used. conner and johnson were caught a short time later. they now each face several charges. >> a search for answers after a terrifying trip for thousands of cruise ship passengers. >> next at 5:00, the question the prominent florida lawmaker says he wants federal investigators to answer. >> take a look at the visible satellite images.
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in here from the gulf and going away. i'll be back to talk about the clouds, the cold and how long the wicked winds will keep right on blowing. >> and a big night for presidential hopefuls. we'll take you on the campaign trail as voters in new hampshire head to the polls. >> you're watching news 6 at 5:00, getting results for central florida.
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each, even our subway club and chicken & bacon ranch melt. $6 footlongs are a big deal. but the media is going a little crazy. i am in the heart of what is now being called "sub-mageddon." with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems to be spilling out on the streets. i have never seen anything like this before. enjoy all our delicious classic footlongs for just $6 each... all february, at subway. >> good evening, everyone. i'm news 6 meteorologist candace campos. we're pinpointing your forecast down to street levels to some areas that are certainly going to be feeling the chill for today. as we zoom in to marion oaks, temperatures for tonight are going to continue to drop into the 40's for tonight, but look what happens as we head into wednesday morning as you get ready for work and school. we'll be waking up to temperatures about 37 degrees
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>> well, a call to action from a florida lawmaker. >> senator bill nelson says he
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ship that sailed into a dangerous storm. you can see the damage inside that was caused by this. the anthem of the seas was heading to port canaveral from new jersey, then it hit this. 30-foot waves and 100-mile-an-hour winds off north carolina's coast. four people were hurt because of it. senator nelson says he wants the ntsb to find out why that ship sailed into the dangerous storms. >> the thing about this storm was that it was forecast for days. so why in the world would a cruise ship, with thousands of passengers, go sailing right into it? >> the ntsb says it's launching or considering launching an investigation. news 6 reporter eric sandoval is at port canaveral right now. he'll have more coming up on news 6 at 6:00. >> another big night in the race for the white house. right now, long lines of voters are at the polls in new hampshire.
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primary in this year's presidential race. many of the candidates have spent the day campaigning throughout the state. jeb bush and marco rubio have been on the trail. chris christie has made his way to several precincts. one man who has not criss-crossed the state today is donald trump. he's currently on top in the polls there. other candidates say they're using today as an opportunity to gain momentum. >> he cannot hijack our party. our party will not win if we're the reactionary party. >> this is far from over. we have work to do. this is going to be incredibly close, everybody. >> as for the democrats, hillary clinton spent the day trying to close the gap with vermont senator bernie sanders. polls show sanders with a double-digit lead in new hampshire. clinton says she believes she still has the advantage nationwide. >> i'm going to just keep doing what i've done my entire life and keep showing folks they can
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make real progress together. >> we'll keep you updated on the results of tonight's primary here on news 6, and our news 6 mobile app comes in very handy in these situations. >> we're learning more tonight about nasa's vision for next year. >> president obama is requesting $19 billion to fund the space agency that is $300 million than what nasa got last year. nearly half of that money, $8.4 billion goes to nasa's human exploration programs, including maintaining the international space station and continuing partnerships with other companies. another big mission for nasa is a planned mars mission in 2020 and much of the money will be used to keep the mars rover on track for a trip to the red planet. president obama's request is part of a record $4.1 trillion budget he sent to congress today. it is his last budget before a new president takes office. >> well, temperatures are
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central florida. >> yeah, we've giving you a chance to help get some results and keep others warm. they're holding a blanket drive tomorrow morning. drop-off locations will set up at dunkin' donuts in . if you donate, get a free cup of joe and a pair of tickets to the downtown food and wine fest while supplies last. everybody deserves to have a nice, thick blanket on nights like we've been seeing. >> i love the idea they're doing that. i didn't think we would have this much winter. when we were dealing with record heat over the holidays. >> it's like december, we're not going to get a winter this year. >> really in january? here we go. paying the piper now. getting the winter in a one-week run here. >> i want to start the weather story with my friend carl who
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thank you for that good shot. i like that one. this is another one from sanford. isn't that pretty? >> that's gorgeous. storm pins is available in your app store for absolutely free. please download it. i would love to see what you're seeing in central florida. this is about the last time i'll be able to use the visible satellite tonight. we have clouds as evidenced by our storm pins. there's cloud cover out there. it's just not super thick. so it will do a little bit for us tonight but it won't do a lot. freeze warnings are in effect. here's flagler county, palm coast, putnam county, marion county, ocala, bellevue, redick, all under the freeze warning. the lighter blue you're seeing, the spots won't freeze up. the way it's been going all day long today, the windchill advisory is in effect through the overnight until 9 a.m. tomorrow morning.
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little rock and 45 in myrtle beach. 54 does it right now in jacksonville and 54 in pensacola. closer to home, it's 55 in new smyrna beach and 56 in daytona beach and 57 from leesburg to ocala. 59 from orlando, straight out to the cape. here's the difference maker, though. even though it's at 59 degrees, it still doesn't feel great as long as you're out in the wind. the wind speed is 15 miles per hour. it's down and slowed down a little bit in the last couple of hours, but it's still pretty wicked. satellite and radar together with the broken clouds here. this is the way it looks tonight by 11:00. you don't see rain on the radar but you see a smattering of clouds. through tomorrow, we stay dry. through thursday we stay dry. the big star of the show will continue to be our temperatures. overnight lows, 34 tonight for you in palm coast. 33 in ocala. 34 in the villages. 37 all the way from leesburg down to about 41 in kissimmee. i'm going to call the overnight
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partly cloudy, but it's the wind that just won't stop. coming in here tonight from the west, 10 to 15, gusting to 20, here is tomorrow. >> first thing tomorrow morning, 41 at 8 a.m. 52 by noon. the daytime high tags 57. the normal daytime high should be in the low 70's. so we're about 15 degrees below normal from where we ought to be this time of year. >> low tomorrow night, even colder. 36. there will still be freeze worries tomorrow to the north. thursday's high, 59. friday, we're climbing out in time for the weekend. things look good by friday, saturday and sunday, with daytime highs in the 70's. >> the weekend is on the way. got me excited now. thank you. >> if you're on the road and can't check your news 6 weather app, you can now get updates through one of our three radio partners all day long. chief meteorologist tom sorrells and meteorologist troy bridges are pinpointing your weather on
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and mix 105.1. >> it's an all new tuesday night on news 6. it starts with this line-up starting at 8:00. then keep it here for news 6 at 11:00. >> well, could florida soon have a change in the death penalty? >> next at 5:00, the changes state lawmakers are now pushing forward and some unbelievable video. a roof collapses at a gas station. why investigators say this could have ended much worse. >> and we check in with the police dog as he goes back to work, even gets an award for his in the neck on duty. we'll be right back. >> remember, news 6 is always on, your
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs for just $6 each. >> >> the house is not livable. it should be bulldozed. >> residents have turned to code enforcement for help but they
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we find out how this community is having trouble getting help and why we were hoping to get them results. don't miss my story, tonight at 11:00. >> a big step toward a new death penalty law in florida. >> the florida senate is supporting a bill that would require a unanimous jury decision on death penalty cases. the state senate committee passed its version of a bill. it would revise florida's sentencing for the death penalty. the court ruled the death penalty was unconstitutional and gave judges too much power. >> a camera caught the moment a gas station roof collapsed. two workers were on top of it. take a look. this is on california. you can see the men walking on the roof. the left side there comes tumbling down, two cars were hit. both drivers were inside the store at the time. amazingly, the workers were not seriously hurt. a witness says she thought the
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>> i just thought, you know, these two guys were up there. i didn't know if one of them had been crushed under the roof or fell with the roof. >> right now, crews are still cleaning that area. the store has not reopened. >> now to a trooper whose heroic actions saved a woman's life. >> dash cam show video shows a trooper rescuing a woman from a car just moments before the car burst into flames. the trooper ran to the car and with the help of another person pulled the woman to safety. she was in the crash but police say it would have ended much worse had he not stepped in when he did. >> amazing stuff. coming up on the news at 5:30, find out why honda has been forced to issue yet another problem. >> plus a morning job disturbed.
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who spotted a man on a public jo -- jogging path in nothing but his sneakers. >> and there's a sudden rise in flu cases. experts say this season seems to be peaking late and why it's not >> you're watching news 6 at central florida. this is a live look outside at downtown orlando. the sun is overtaking everything out there. it certainly looks good over the amway arena. we're going to check back with chief meteorologist tom sorrells who is going to tell us about very cool temperatures. >> those looks can be a little deceiving there.
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